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Life Under Construction

Twice per year many people take the time and look at their lives and see what corrections to path or new goals should be made.  January 1 is full of New Year resolutions and the other one less popular is July 1.  Our lives are in a constant state of flux, we make daily adjustments to things that impact us such as work, family, health and stress.  Unfortunately, when the impacts happen we fail to move back to center and tend to stay over focused on one particular point in Under-Construction-Area-Sign our lives or piece of the pie. Our lives are constantly under construction, your goal is to be following the plans of construction to achieve the ultimate result of a life we can be proud of and feel fulfilled.  As in most construction projects there are bumps in the road but it does not change the plans or drawings just how we get it done. It is these two times per year that we go back to the architect and look at the plans for any changes we want to make and make a “change order”.  Sometimes it is an expansion, sometimes it is wall removal for more open space and sometimes we take it all the way back to the foundation and start over!

What needs to be done in your plans and drawings right now to get your plans to match what you really want in your life? Architect drawings Is it time to make that expansion and learn something new or maybe time to knock down a wall like time away from your family and open the space up for more personal interaction?  What about the foundation you have built your plan on, is it solid and on stable ground so it can handle any major changes or will it crumble with the slightest tremor or storm?  We all have plans for our lives, some are very small like a shack, some are huge like a beachside mansion, some have no walls and look like a patio.  There is no perfect plan, what is important is the plan matches your desired outcome. 

Architects work with home and business builders to help them define what they want during the exploration phase.  We have to be the architects of our lives!  Do you want certain elements in your life or certain materials that make you comfortable?  What is your foundation built out of such as your values, vision and strategy?  Have you purchased enough land or meeting the right people to handle the plans you have for expanding your horizons and making your plan flexible for growth?  Who are the architects we are consulting to know what the options are out there in the world.  Spiritual, motivational, coaches, mentors, family and teachers are the architects that help us see the future and define the plans.  It is hard to imagine what a life looks like if we have no concept of what it is we want in it or what to build House on Stiltsit on from the beginning.  I live in South Florida, not far away are the Florida Keys, their outlook on how to build a home is slightly different then someone in Alaska.  Homes in the keys are built on pillars to keep them above the ocean if the hurricanes or flooding arrives.  Homes in Alaska are built for snow and warmth.  Both are correct for the environment but grossly inadequate if built in the wrong place!

Our businesses are the same way!  What do you want your business to look like?  Who should work there and sell your products?  What do the plans for the future look like in recruitment, new products or expansion?  When we take the time to look at our lives and our businesses from an architect point of view and see how they should be built, demolished or renovated the result is we see what we want them to be we look beyond the storms of today!  We see what they could be if we gained a piece of knowledge or brought a new mentor into our lives.

Life Checkpoint

  • Book yourself a day off every 6 months to look at your plan somewhere away from distractions and electronics
  • Identify the areas of your life-business not working or not getting attention
  • Create in your mind and on paper what you want it to be based on your goals now
  • Identify knowledge you are missing or players, mentors, coaches you need to understand the possibilities
  • Is the foundation solid you have started with or are you building on sinking earth?  Is it time to tear it down and start over?
  • Are there walls up that we did not want that need to be moved such as commitments made because we cannot say “no”?
  • Do you wake up each day excited about what the plan looks like to keep you moving through the bumps?
  • Expansion of lives and businesses even when times are tough gives our minds focus and direction
  • Look at your LifeBox TM, have you looked at that other side lately….things can be going on there that need attention!
  • When you end your day, celebrate and be ready for the next day for new construction or demolition either way it is a step toward what you want your life or business to be!

At 4D Success, we have built our foundation on the life experiences and business lives we all bring to the table every day.  We help people and businesses define the options that are out there so they can see what they really want their business or lives to be tomorrow.  Many people know what they want the outside to look like but don’t know how to start or know what needs to be on the inside to support it.  They get off track when a storm hits or try to attach a tent to a home and call it an expansion…only to be disappointed when it collapses or disappears soon after.  We help people see what is possible and help them build lives and businesses that are who they are or want to be! 


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